Eve talks to The Coveteur about Noëlla

The Coveteur recently visited Eve for a sit-down about everything going on in her life, including her decision to work with Noella.

See an extract below, or read the full conversation at The Coveteur.

“I came across the charity Malaika by some weird newsletter, and usually you just delete every fucking thing. But for some reason I was just like, oh, let me know. I read about this woman named Noella Coursaris, and I got in touch with her. We had a meeting, and then I was like, I want to fly to the Congo and see what you guys are doing.
I’ve been looking for something to attach myself to, but I wanted it to be grassroots and not a giant organization. I wanted to be able to actually make a real impact on something.
Once went, I was like, this is amazing. It’s 230 little girls in the middle of this village. Their uniforms, the women in the village actually make the uniforms. It’s just amazing. They’re learning to speak two new languages. They speak Swahili, but they’re learning French and English.
There’s music and education and a library—I feel privileged to be able to be around these children. I sit in their classroom and just being there and being able to learn something with them, we need to take more of that in everyday life."
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