Three Malaika Students' Education Funded by Donors from Noella's Birthday Fundraiser

Thank you again to everyone to donated towards Noëlla's birthday fundraiser for Malaika.  Your support had helped fund the education of these three future leaders!  


Consolate Mutoke Angelani

Consolate is 6 years old and in Kindergarten at the Malaika School. She’s the youngest of five and loves the color red because of how bold it is! Consolate received an 84% in her first term, loves her teacher and wants to become a teacher as well when she grows up – maybe even a math teacher since it’s her favorite subject!



Elisee Tshilanda Balanganyi

Little Elisee is the youngest in her family and has a big personality. She is 5 years old and in Kindergarten at the Malaika School. She loves the color yellow, as well as her French class, received an 83% in the first term and wants to be a lawyer one day!



Divine Ilunga Banza

Divine is 5 years old and also in our Kindergarten class. She is the ninth child in her family and looks up to her siblings. She loves the color pink, her favorite class so far is French and she received an 81% in her first ever term. She dreams of running her own company one day and being a leader!

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